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Get 10% off at Accent Clothing and Other Offers

Accent Clothing have announced special discount Codes for their online store.

Use the following discount codes together with the link below to claim our online discount

Get an extra 10% off sale EXTR4 (ends sunday 25th)Valid from now until 16.03.18:

  • 10% off Freddy- FR3D
  • 10% off Joes Jeans- J10ES
  • 10% off Farah- F4R4
  • 10% off Paolo Vandini- P41L

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Beat the Winter Blues

Its fair to say that winter is not the most popular season for many people out there. At this time of year we start to see lots of searched at reviewer buyer for summer holiday bargains and deals so that they have something to look forward to.

Our friends at Sunshime Holidays have some great packages to and very low deposits so it makes booking a breeze.

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Gigantic value on Tickets

Gigantic tickets have a range of concerts, festivals and events tickets deals at their website. You can search the site my location for you closest and most relevant events.

Gigantic Tickets


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Did one of the Queens Guard Finally lose it?

If you have played tourist in the UK you would no doubt have seen one of the Queens Guards on Duty. They are known for their training to remain calm and professional on duty only moving occasionally to march a few paces away from the post to which they have been assigned.

A popular ‘sport’ with visitors seems to be to tell jokes to see if they will crack a smile and occasionally some smarty pants will over step the line to try and taunt a bigger reaction.

This video has emerged of what clearly isn’t a real guard engaged in some less that professional behaviour. Whats interesting is the reaction from the crowd who seem to be buying into the prank.

Surprisingly the actually guards and law enforcement seem to take this in good humour, which I think is a big ask.

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Accent Clothing is having a major January Sale

Accent Clothing are an online retailer that provide branded clothing from brands such as True Religion, Eleven Paris and Paint it Red.

They are pleased to announce a range of offers and vouchers to promote, the offers are as follows:

Up top 50% Off the following brands:

Ed Hardy
True Religion
Kevan Jon
Women’s Grenson
Antony Morato
J Lindeberg
Silvian Heach
Rino & Pelle
Mink Pink
Marc Jacobs
Juicy Couture
Lyle & Scott
Luke 1977
Nigel Hall

Up to 25% Off the following:

Mens Grenso

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These offers are live until the end of January.

They also have the following code live:

Extra 10% Off Sale | EXTR4